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Are You Thirsty? Water and Wine

I am currently involved in a Bible study on the Book of John. Today’s section was about the first miracle Jesus performed, turning the water into wine at the wedding in Cana. A few years ago during a time of prayer, the LORD showed me some interesting things about water and wine.

Water is a basic necessity of life. You drink water to keep hydrated. Water quenches thirst, but there is no taste. Water refreshes–it is necessary for the health and functioning of the body. Water cleanses. Water is not valued until there is a lack of it.

Wine is a luxurious treasure. You drink wine to relax, to celebrate, to unwind as you enter a place of rest. Wine has strong flavor, so strong you must sip it slowly. There is an art to tasting wine; it takes skill and practice to discern all that you’re supposed to exerience as the taste lingers in your mouth. Only the mature can partake of wine. Wine has medicinal qualities.

Passover begins with water and ends with wine. It begins by a ceremonial washing and ends with a celebratory partaking of wine.

Wine is for those whose thirst has been quenched. In a dry and thirsty place all you want is water; wine would burn. When your thirst is quenched then you can take the time to taste the wine.

You are not to drink wine alone. It is a covenental drink–it’s meant to be a shared experience. You employ all your senses when you drink wine:

  • hear the cork pop
  • see the color
  • smell the bouquet
  • taste the richness
  • feel the tanons coating your teeth

When you drink water you just swallow.

So we must stay hydrated and keep our thirst quenched so we can experience the deeper, richer flavor of the wine.