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I dreamed I was going through a high ropes course through a dense forest making my way from treetop to treetop.  Within the trees were people cheering me on and giving me hints about the best way to maneuver through the obstacles. They encouraged me to focus on each obstacle.  I was not to look down to see how high I was.  I was to look ahead.  I knew if I saw how high I was I would be overcome with fear and frozen in place.  Once I completed each obstacle I looked ahead to see what was next.  I scrambled over narrow rope bridges, climbed swinging rope ladders, jumped from net to net, swung from vines…amazed I was able to move like this with relative ease.    


Finally, I came to the end of the course.  I held onto a rope and climbed a vertical wall up to a platform.  What I was climbing was the wall of a mansion and the platform was a deck.  Now I was getting tired.  It was easy moving horizontally through the treetops, but this vertical climb was exhausting.  I got to the top.  My heels dangling over the edge as I was clinging onto the railing above my head.  The vertical slats were made of thick glass so I could see through to the entrance of the mansion.  I saw other people reach the deck and climb over the railing to get inside.  I was spent.  I didn’t have anymore energy.  It took all my strength to hang onto the railing knowing if I let go I would plummet to my death.  There were people on the deck smiling and encouraging me to climb.  I burst into tears and cried, “Please don’t tell me I have to climb.  I can’t.  I just can’t.”  Then someone came over and pushed on three to four of the glass slats to my left.  They folded down like a Murphy bed, and I was able to crawl through to the deck platform and into the mansion.  Within the mansion was a spa with every kind of treatment to pamper me and make me beautiful.  

As I awoke, my first thought was, “God in His great mercy provided a solution to my problem that I did not expect.”  I picked up my Bible for my morning devotion, and this verse grabbed my heart:

But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so much (Ephesians 2:4)

There are some situations in my life that I’ve held in my heart before Father God in prayer for well over a decade.  As more time passes, the solutions to these situations seem more and more impossible.  I really believe that God, in His rich mercy because He loves me, used this dream to encourage my heart and to say to me, “I will provide a solution that you do not expect.”