In the Shadow of His Wing

As I was praying Sunday morning, I saw the LORD’s outstretched wing.  Beneath the wing was an entrance into another world.  There it was lush and green and peaceful with a waterfall.  People were resting and enjoying the beauty, being refreshed, in the shadow of His wing.  While He was covering people with one arm/wing, the other was engaged in a battle, a “fight for the fulfillment of His word.”  Then I saw a person come out from under the shadow and join the LORD in battle.  It was as if that person was sufficiently rested/strengthened, had matured, and was ready to partner with the LORD to fight for the fulfillment of His purposes.

Last night I was impressed to turn to Psalm 57.  (Sometimes these impressions to turn to certain Scriptures are the LORD, sometimes my own imagination, but I laughed when I read the first two verses.)

1 Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy!
      I look to you for protection.
   I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings
      until the danger passes by.
 2 I cry out to God Most High,[a]
      to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.

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