The Vineyard

The following is an experience I had with the LORD in 2007.  I had it written in a notebook, but I wanted to record it here so it wouldn’t get lost.

April 21, 2007

I was in the garden of a large estate. The garden was maticulously manicured with a large stone tiered fountain.  The lawns were perfect.  An abundance of lush green.  I was seated at the fountain, and Jesus met me there.  I could not see Him, but there was no question He was there.  He whispered in my ear, “You are my precious one.”  He had me dip my hand in the fountain and take a drink.  Then He led me on a pathway to an overlook.  There was a vast expanse of green rolling hills.  The land was fertile.  Jesus told me to look over all the land I could see, and He said, “All this is yours.  It belongs to you.”  He led me down the hill and we came to vineyards and groves of fruit trees as far as the eye can see and beyond.  Every tree and vine had an abundance of fruit.  Jesus said, “These are your inheritance for I desire that you bear much fruit.”

I began to pick some of the fruit, and I gave it to people.  Some ate it.  Some stored it away.  Others sowed the seeds in other fields.

Then Jesus and I were walking through a wine cellar.  The fruits from the orchards and groves and vineyards made this wine.  It was an enormous cellar.  We came to an old part of the cellar, and I sensed that these bottles had been there a long time, but now was the time for them to be opened.  Jesus told me that this wine was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus opened one of the bottles like an egg and poured it over me, and I felt the wine seep into my heart.  It soaked in deep to bring cleansing, healing and renewal.  There was such a sense of His love.  I found myself weeping at His feet.  The wine, mixed with my tears dripped onto His feet.  He lifted me from the ground onto my feet and lifed my head to meet His gaze, and He said, “I have cleansd you from your shame and reproach.”

Then I noticed I was wearing priestly garments–a white robe with ornaments, a sash around my neck and down the center, a crown on my head of royal blue stone inlaid in gold and dotted with rubies.

I took bottles of wine out of the cellar and gave them to the workers in the groves, orchards and vineyards.  There were small groups of workers scattered.  They were disgruntled and weary, but when they drank the wine their spiris were revived.  They laid down their tools and gathered together.  It was as if they wanted to share the wine with others, and to their delight, as each smaller group came to join the larger group, each small group brought their bottles and they discovered that they had partaken of the same wine, and there was such a celebration.

I sensed that these disgruntled, weary workers were from the Church.  They were people who stll loved the LORD but had been hurt, wounded, etc. and so left.  They continued to toil to produce fruit, but because they were scattered they felt alone and had lost their vision.  When they drank the wine they could not contain their joy.  They were compelled to find others to share  it with.  This outpouring of the Holy Spirit caused the weary outcasts to be joined in unity in rejoicing before the LORD.

As this celebration continued, I saw other small groups from afar, with the same brand of wine, come and join in.  These groups were from the nations.  They were Jews, Hindus from India, Buddhists from Asia and Muslims from the Middle East, etc. who had all partaken of this NEW WINE of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and had come to join in the celebration because they too had encountered the true and LIVING God!

1 thought on “The Vineyard

  1. I am teary-eyed as I type this. Rebecca, thank you for sharing your vision. The second to the last paragraph definately describes Adam and I in many respects. And it encourages me to know that we will not remain alone in our "out of traditional church" methods of outreach and evangelism.I look forward to reading about your children. I have been praying about this a lot lately.Much love,Eve

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